Twenty years ago, the gods walked among men, or so the legends say. The gods are few, and men are many, and those who claim to have seen the gods are rare—and rarely believed.

The legends also say that the gods came to play a game. Men were pawns, but a game with nothing but pawns is too simple; the gods needed knights, and queens, and kings. The legends say that they made champions from pawns by bestowing upon them wondrous gifts…

Welcome to Randhemell.

Today, the champions are gone, the gods ascended, the gifts forgotten. The various kingdoms, principalities, baronies, and smaller holdings coexist in tentative peace.

Tasavalta, on the northeast coast of the Great Continent, is one such peaceful principality. Ruled from the capitol city of Sarykam by the beneficent Prince Mark and Princess Kristin, Tasavalta is known as a peaceful, tolerant, and welcoming nation. People of all races can be found here, and all are accepted.

That said, there are two races which, while officially welcome, sometimes face prejudice and problems from individuals: shopkeeps and farmers, bartenders and peasants.

The Tainted are not so much a race as they are an offshoot of humanity. Born seemingly at random to ordinary human parents, the Tainted bear the marks of a demonic heritage. Just as demons represent the chaotic nature of the Abyss, the appearance and temperament of each Tainted is unique. All bear some apparent marks of their nature, from red eyes to non-prehensile tails to vestigial wings, with many other characteristics in between. Many fear the Tainted, but in spite of his appearance, the character of a Tainted is a product of his environment, and many were raised by loving parents in homes no different from any other. (In game terms, Tainted are identical to Tieflings as described in the PHB except for appearance and racial history.)

The other troubled race in Tasavalta are the Wyrmblood. There are few who do not fear the might and fury of the true dragons of Randhemell, and some see the hulking, scaled Wyrmblood as a smaller but no less dangerous creature. The truth, however, is that the Wyrmblood are a noble and honourable people, no more dangerous than humans. (Of course, not all humans are good at heart!) There are some, too, who see the Wyrmblood as aloof and arrogant, and some of these show their disdain with the epithet “wormblood” (the distinction in spelling made clear by the sneering tone used to spit the word out). (In game terms, the Wyrmblood are identical to the Dragonborn as described in the PHB, except for their history.)

(All other races found in the PHB are found in Tasavalta, with no notable changes.)


Seamus Moni